The Saturn dress code is intended to promote a level of decorum consistent with the surroundings and atmosphere of the Club. All members are responsible for ensuring that their family members and guests observe the dress code, which is required of all adults and children aged 12 years and older.

In all matters of attire members are expected to exercise discretion, good judgment, and respect for other members and their guests.


  • Formal or "Black Tie." Gentlemen: tuxedos. Ladies: formal dresses, gowns, or slacks.
  • Semi-Formal. Gentlemen: coats and ties with dress trousers. Ladies: dresses, skirts, or tailored slacks.
  • Club Casual. Gentlemen: khakis or trousers, collared shirts. Shirt tails are to be tucked inside at all times. Ladies: casual slacks with appropriate tops. No denim is included under this definition. Shorts conforming to these standards are acceptable in the courtyard from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
  • Appropriate Dress Denim. Full length dark blue or black jeans free of holes, tears, or frays. Shirt tails are to be tucked inside at all times.

The minimum standard throughout the clubhouse is Club Casual, except as follows:

  1. The attire required in the Red Room during the evening is Semi-Formal. (except as allowed by the Management on an over-flow basis).
  2. Appropriate Dress Denim is acceptable at all times in the Grill and in the Lanes.
  3. Conventional athletic attire is the norm in the Family Fitness Center.  Shirts must be worn at all times.
  4. When Formal attire is required for any event, it will be so noted on the invitation.

The following attire is never acceptable in any area of the clubhouse except the FFC:

  • Athletic wear, tank, halter, or jogging tops, untucked shirts, collared shirts unbuttoned more than one button, shorts, baseball caps, spandex, open midriffs, leggings, extremely short hemlines, extremely casual or beach footwear.

The management shall have the discretion to set a standard different than that set forth above on a case by case basis. 

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