The Saturn Club is a private social club. Membership is by invitation only.

If you personally know a qualified prospect who would benefit from membership, the Admissions Committee encourages you to propose him or her.

Every candidate for membership must be recommended by at least two (2) Resident or Veteran members. A written application, stating the candidate’s place of residence must be signed by the candidate and his proposers and transmitted to the Registrar, who shall forth with post the name on the bulletin board. Such application must be so posted for at least ten (10) days before the application shall be considered by the Faculty. The provisions of this section do not apply to former members applying for reinstatement.


Contact Information

For appointments, tours and membership inquries:
Robert Seth CCM CCE
COO/General Manager
716-884-8800, Ext. 231

Kelly Russo
Club Office Coordinator
716-884-8800, Ext. 241

“I thoroughly enjoy being a member of the Saturn Club. I enjoy the friendly people, the exceptional food, the historic beauty of the building, and the courteous staff. What I have found is that because of these things, when I bring my current and potential clients to the Saturn Club, it has helped support my “brand" as a business owner." Frank C.

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