" Good Company and Good Discourse
are the very Sinews of Virtue... "

The Saturn Club was founded in 1885 by thirteen enthusiastic young men who felt the need to congregate in a less formal setting than their 'father's club', founded in 1867. They first congregated on Saturdays (thus the name) to socialize and play cards. Dues were $10 a month, and the initiation fee was a chair.  With a nod to the many "University Clubs" of the time, Saturn's founders whimsically patterned their board of directors after that of a small college (a Faculty, with a Dean, Registrar, Bursar, etc.).

Just as our members of an earlier time paraded up Delaware Avenue in 1922 carrying embers from our old club house to our new club house, today’s members continue to fan the embers of the collegiality and traditions of Saturn among their fellow members.

That new club house, designed by Buffalo Architect and Saturn Member Duane Lyman, is now a designated historic landmark site of great architectural value.

We are a private social club first, also offering fine dining, recreation, fitness programs, squash, paddle tennis, banquet and meeting facilities, and overnight rooms. We've come a long way since 1885, and we look forward to continually striving to meet our members’ needs.

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Posted On 3/8/2015

"Updating the Good Life at the Saturn Club" is a feature article in the March issue of DesignNY. Click here for the online article.