Thanksgiving at Saturn

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Thanksgiving at Saturn

Throughout the years, the Saturn Club has celebrated Thanksgiving in many different ways. From dances to shows to meals, our members have been ringing in the beginning of the holiday season with festive Thanksgiving events for years.
The earliest record we have of a Thanksgiving celebration at Saturn was at the old Club House, when the first Thanksgiving turkey roll at the Saturn Club was held on November 27, 1913. This tradition was repeated every year until moving into the new Club House at 977 Delaware Avenue in 1922. After the move, there were semi-annual Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey roll events held in the bowling alley of the new Club House from the 1920s through the 1980s.
The first show that was put on in our new Club House was a "Thanksgiving Ceremony" on December 2, 1922. The faculty, some former deans, and a few members costumed as Puritan elders and held a meeting on a stage trimmed with corn husks and pumpkins. The show consisted of members in various costumes giving thanks and singing songs.
Before the war, on Thanksgiving day, November 25, 1937, Saturn served Thanksgiving meals from 12:00 noon to 9:00 PM. This occurred again in 1943, and again in 1948, after which a Thanksgiving day special dinner was given every year. There is also a long history of formal or "gala" dinner dances at Saturn in the fall. The first was held on November 21, 1945, and was a Victory and Thanksgiving day dinner dance, honoring members who had served in the armed forces during World War II. The fall dances were varied in character, but usually happened around Thanksgiving and often had a  fall or “Harvest” theme.
In recent years, our amazing kitchen team has provided Thanksgiving takeout packages for members and their families, as well as a bountiful Thanksgiving buffet for members interested in celebrating at the Club. Last year, the takeout option was especially popular as members’ traditional Thanksgiving plans were altered by the pandemic. We did not, however, offer the buffet option last year due to the pandemic. This year, we are excited to bring back the popular Thanksgiving buffet in addition to the takeout packages.
However you celebrate Thanksgiving, all of us at Saturn hope you have a very happy and healthy holiday.

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